Ulf Bengtsson and Rachel McLish

Warriors – Ageing with Passion

Russian takeover

Russian takeover


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Forbes Magazine

Russian takeover of Worldclass in Forbes magazine

What was the story of Russian WorldClass? Olga Slutsker isn’t afraid to flex muscles to stay on top of Russia’s booming health club business.
interview for Prague.tv

Interview for Prague.tv

Be active, exercise, and enjoy life! This is motto of Ulf Bengtsson. In interview for Prague.tv he told more about his life.
Interview for Russian Newspaper

Ulf Bengtsson’s interview for Russian Newspaper

Ulf Bengtsson had built fitness empire World Class and after his brand was taken by the Russian underground, he rose from the ashes and transformed his obsession with perfect body into life business. He trained with Arnold, Madonna asks him for advice, and here in Prague he openly tells his story.
European media

Physical movement keeps us healthy

He has pumped iron together with Arnold in the late 1970's in Germany. He was the Swedish national champion in bodybuilding ten times over (in a row) and today is an entrepreneur who has managed to build and internation chain of gyms.

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